Year 2014, 2 Years after having my son, I fell into a bit of lost space as I was a stay at home mum and was so tired of repeating the same routines daily. I decided to start researching on work to do from home but none of them tickled my fancy and had no meaning behind them apart from money. I came across a tracksuit one day and it lit a light bulb in my head and I just thought to myself, "what is the best thing that warms a girls heart?" and that was FASHION!

My partner who has always supported me in my business quests said to me " whatever you do, I will support you as I believe in you" at that point I saw the light and said "not only do I want to provide fashion, I would like to inspire women of all ages  & make them feel beautiful everyday for the rest their lives". I got creative & designed my own pretty little tracksuit & started selling the tracksuits locally, a website soon followed & due to our loyal customers, we as a company have expanded and travelled around the world to ensure that we bring our customers high quality clothing at all times! Along the way i have had the privilege of building a loyal team & now we have been selling over 40,000 Dresses & Accessories worldwide.

The journey has just started as we have rebranded our structure to serve our customers the best we can.

Myself & The RB London Team would like to thank all of our supporters that were there from the start & those who have just joined to be ready for an amazing ride as this is just the start of RB London's next chapter. 


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